DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging

Ishy Latheef

Posted on October 05 2018

DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging

Rainbow Nursery Wall Hanging

Jump on the earthy rainbow trend and make a wall hanging using our Clementine Kids Rainbow Swaddle Blanket. This large 120cm x 120cm  swaddle will make a great statement piece in a modern boho nursery, perhaps as a backdrop to bub’s cot or changing station.

The wall hanging is super easy to make and you won’t need a lot of materials.


 Materials Rainbow Wall Hanging


Apply glue to two sides of your wooden strip.

Then, lay the top edge of the Rainbow Swaddle over the glue and secure to the wooden strip. Alternatively, you can sew a tube at the top of the swaddle to hold the wooden strip. The sewing machine and I are not friends, so I opted for glue.

 DIY Wall Hanging Rainbow


Once the glue has dried and your swaddle is firmly attached to your wooden strip, gently tap in an upholstery tack to each end of the strip.

Cut the hanging cord to your desired length and tie the ends firmly around your upholstery tacks. 

 Rainbow Wall Hanging Australia

    Voila! Your Rainbow wall art is ready to hang!




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