Neutral Baby Gifts for the Design Conscious Mama

Ishy Latheef

Posted on March 03 2018


1/Organic Beanie  2/Moses Basket 3/Kippin Cuddle Blanket 4/Vegan Nappy Bag 5/Organic Cotton Coming Home Outfit 6/Organic Hemp Swing 7/Jellycat Bunny 8/Wooden Teether 9/Muslin Swaddle 10/Baby Moccs 11/Natural Baby Skincare Pack 12/Organic Cotton Bib

I’m a mama that loves a neutral palette, and lives for all things black, white, grey with the tiniest pops of colour, so when I was pregnant with my daughter Zaya, I was so relieved to know that it isn’t just a sea of pinks and blues when it came to baby gear.

Since I started working on Moose & Moo in 2016, I’ve gotten to know lots of gorgeous baby brands that create beautifully designed baby goodies that are safe for baby and great for the environment and the people that make them too. With the number of amazing options out there, refining our baby list was a little overwhelming, so I wanted to share some of our favourite neutral and minimalist finds. As well as being beautiful, it was important to us that everything we used with our baby was free from nasty chemicals, and made ethically and sustainably.

I’ve included some great neutral gift options too, which I think will work great when the gender of the special little one is a surprise.

  1. Organic Cotton Rabbit Beanie

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, one of the first things I did was search for the perfect coming home outfit. My daughter was a Winter babe, so it was extra fun shopping for gorgeous layers to keep her warm and snuggly.

Hubby and I both loved this adorable beanie with rabbit ears, because what’s cuter than a newborn with bunny ears? That’s right, absolutely nothing.

  1. Moses Basket

In addition to a crib, we decided to get a Moses basket for our baby girl, and just loved this one from Adinkra Designs. This amazing shop sources their products directly from indigenous Frafra artisans in Ghana, who use traditional weaving methods to produce these beautiful, durable and unique baskets.

The Moses basket was really handy for me when Zaya was very little, because I could keep her close wherever I was in the house. I tried leaving her to nap in her crib with the baby monitor on while I was in the kitchen or study, but became paranoid that the display on the monitor was frozen and she was actually awake with her swaddle over her face. Although the monitor didn’t actually freeze once since we started using it, I found I was a lot more productive when I had her with me.

  1. Organic Cotton Cuddle Blanket

We received this gorgeous organic cotton River Cuddle Blankie from Kippin as a baby shower gift, and he has been chewed on, drooled on and cuddled every day since.

When Zaya was born she had to stay in the nursery for a week, so River was with her when we couldn’t be and they have been BFFs since.  

  1. Vegan Diaper Bag

I really wanted a diaper bag that was functional but didn’t look like a diaper bag, and this beauty from Canadian brand Matt and Nat ticked all the boxes; it’s large, has plenty of pockets and compartments, is cruelty-free and looks amazing. I will probably end up using this bag as a Weekender when I don’t need a diaper bag anymore.

  1. Organic Cotton Salopette

This cutie patootie outfit is from one of our very favourite designers, Organic Zoo, and when I first saw it in their Lookbook, it was love at first sight. I did have to look up what a Salopette (according to the Dictionary, they are “trousers with a high waist and shoulder straps” but I knew had to have them.  Organic Zoo’s baby clothes are made in the EU from GOTS certified cotton and are super soft and cuddly and of such great quality. They are definitely one of the most popular brands at Moose & Moo, because Organic Zoo’s collection is perfect for both boys and girls.   

  1. Hemp Organic Baby Swing

Everyone that follows Moose & Moo on Instagram know that I have a bit of an obsession with swings, and the Solvej Organic Hemp Baby Swing was too gorgeous to pass up. This particular model is designed for indoor use, but Solvej have other models that are great for outdoor use and convertible for toddler use as the baby grows.

  1. Jellycat Bunny

To be honest, I got this adorable Jellycat Pecan Bunny more for me than Zaya, because I couldn’t resist those floppy ears and I just love the sight of a toddler with a bunny tucked under their arm. Bunny the Bunny (we are very creative with our soft-toy naming) has quickly become a favourite though, and goes with us wherever we go. I love how Zaya looks for him as soon as she wakes up, and we’ve had to buy a back-up for when Bunny is in the wash.

Jellycat toys are a great baby gift, and there are so many animals and colors to choose from.

  1. Noc Noc Wooden Teether

I love all things noc noc and have been long time stalkers of their Insta feed. Noc noc makes the most gorgeous handmade, sustainable organic wooden toys that will be treasured long after the kids grow up, and I’m sure our collection will be displayed and handed down from sibling to sibling for generations to come.

  1. Organic Muslin Swaddle

Cam Cam’s organic Muslin Swaddle comes in the most gorgeous colors and you can’t go wrong giving these as a gift to the design conscious mama. Seriously, you cannot have too many swaddles. During those first few weeks with a colicky baby and before we became the diapering ninjas we are today, we went through an unbelievable amount of swaddles a day so having a good supply was super handy.

  1. Moccasins

These moccasins from Amy and Ivor are another baby shower gift we received that will be going in our Memory box. Zaya didn’t grow into hers until she was about six months old, but the leather these are made out of is so soft that her tiny feet are imprinted on the soles and will be treasured forever.

  1. Natural Baby Skincare Products

Our family is absolutely hooked on the Bondi Wash baby range after receiving a Body Pamper Duo for myself as a baby shower gift, which I really appreciated. As new parents, we did forget to treat ourselves to anything nice the first few months, so having these gorgeous products to unwind with was amazing. I think giving a present for mum and dad is a great idea and will be well received.

  1. Organic Bib

Another Cam Cam product, we love their organic cotton bibs for our little drool monster. The bibs are always being chewed on, so it was important to us that they are organic and made from toxin free and natural dyes like these ones are.

 Their range of sophisticated colours are also gorgeous and sophisticated and go so well with her outfits.  


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