Store Rep Terms and Conditions

The Contract Period
The Store Representative will be involved for a period of up to 3 months, commencing from the date of notification of selection. Unless stated otherwise and if both parties are willing to continue the contract after this period, the below terms and conditions still stand on a continuing contract.

What’s Involved As A Store Representative

 – Tests products and gives helpful advice on fittings and styles when asked by other potential customers or Moose and Moo

– Promotes the store on your own social media through photography (Instagram: @mooseandmoo, Facebook: @mooseandmoo, Pinterest: mooseandmooaus) and in general.

–  A minimum of three clear, well lit, un-watermarked and high quality photographs of your child wearing the Moose and Moo product emailed to within 7 calendar days of receiving the product. If you're feeling creative, we would love a flat-lay too, but it's not an absolute must.

– Posts at least one photograph of your child wearing the Moose and Moo product on your own social media within 7 calendar days of receiving the product, followed by the remaining two photographs at weekly intervals. The photographs must be tagged with @mooseandmoo and #mooseandmoo. You may tag other products, stores or brands in the photographs.

– Demonstrates genuine enthusiasm and love for the products and brands carried by Moose and Moo in comments and posts on Instagram.

– Moose and Moo reserves the right to use these photographs on our own social media accounts, boosted posts and website.

What The Store Rep Gets In Return

– 3 items of clothing and/or accessories free of charge in your chosen sizes during the period.

– 20% discount code for your friends and family. 

– Our unwavering support in anything and everything you need

– Photo credit and tags every time we use your photos on social media

– Lots of love and appreciation

End Contract
We reserve the right to terminate this contract anytime if you do not meet the terms and conditions.

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